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The End of Summer

The end of summer is nearing…it was new families night at Maddy’s school, the base pool closes Saturday, we had an end of summer squadron event today…where did summer go!  

Maddy could only take pictures so long before taking over and directing people where to sit and what to do…first born…



My Favorite Child…

My current favorite child is Bailey. Who naps, doesn’t talk back, gets along with everyone, hasn’t begged for a snack every 8.7 seconds the last two months of summer vacation, wants to do something more with her life than sit in front of the iPad and binge watch Netflix all day every day…you get the point! 


Pool Time

Thank goodness for awesome neighbors with a pool! Not a day has passed this summer that I have not missed our neighborhood pool in Illinois.  


Water guns!

Words cannot describe the love my children feel for their water guns.. 

I should say though that Cooper’s love for them dries up immediately upon being shot in the face by one of his sisters.  

Seems that Cooper also can’t make it through a battle with out a trip to the time out spot on the front porch…it is really really hard being two in our house… 

Side note: We have approximately 1.5 million frogs at our place here. We haven’t noticed them as much since the arrival of a garter snake that lives under our driveway and seems to be doubling in size every time we see him. Maddy just about had a heart attack the first time she saw him… But that’s a story for another time! 


Summer Time!

Finally, it feels like summer is here! Our first four days in Kansas brought nothing but flood bearing rain which made for some bored kiddos while we worked on putting together the house. But, this week has been amazing, warm enough to run through the sprinklers and not yet hot enough to to force you back inside in the afternoon (it is a good thing we are enjoying it while it is here because it sounds like the crazy heat may be headed our way next week!) 

We have been blessed to have my Dad (Papa) come out to Kansas the last couple weeks to help with things. Our house was left in shambles after our renters moved out so there has been a lot to do. He came out a week before the kids and I did so he could help Kevin get it livable before we got here. When we arrived it looked amazing! He and Kevin were able to get it back to feeling like our home rather than a discusting house that was about to fall down around you which is how Kevin felt when he first got here a couple months ago. 

Papa has been doing a lot of work outside since the weather has been nice this week and the kids have loved being out there with him. Last night he made a very exciting addition to the backyard and he was curious how long it would take the kids to notice it this morning. Maddy came out for breakfast, looked out the back patio door and screamed “Papa made us a swing!”  


The excitement over the swing occupied most of their morning until it was time for their afternoon run thru the sprinkler.

It is amazing to sit and listen to the crazy stories they come up with to play out together. It almost always includes princesses for Maddy and spy kids for McKenna…and Cooper running around “getting bad guys” with his invisible weapons. Most of the afternoon was filled with McKenna being chauffeured around on her chariot because she had a horrible leg wound and could not walk. Whenever she got out of her chariot Maddy led her around by the arm helping her to walk. 

Cracking the whip!

And of course, Bailey sat there hapily watching them play.

Drool baby!


All day, every day…

All day, everyday around here….

McKenna is doing a dance routine …

Bailey is crawling all over the place and Cooper is trying to wrestle anything that moves…which, lucky her, now includes Bailey…

And Maddy is either happily making dinner for the family …

Or acting like she has just been served some huge injustice and can’t understand why we aren’t all stopping EVERYTHING to assist her… 

And yes, this is a picture of her texting…but only with her Daddy 😍


We enjoyed our first bonfire back in our Kansas home last weekend. The kids are having a great time roaming around the place and getting in lots of outdoor time while Kevin, Papa, and I work on the house. We have a lot of adjusting to do coming back to his house but I know we will love it this time just as much as we did before.